who, what, when, where, why, & how?

who am i?  a girl.  simply put, anyway.  a girl who had a really bad time for a while, and who wants to use that in order to help others.

what is this?  a sort of account of my times of struggle, with full disclosure.  i will be open and honest about it all, in hopes of making a difference in others’ lives for the better.

when was all of this struggle?  some years ago.  when did i decide to make this weblog?  some months ago.  when will i write on here?  as often as i can manage.

from where does all of this come?  my heart.

why is this weblog here?  because I wanted to share my struggles with others, in hopes of helping those who have been through similar situations, as well as creating an opportunity for others to love and accept those who feel they have failed utterly in life.

and how do i plan to accomplish this?  by being utterly and completely open and honest.

so, read on, if you dare…